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The Cashaway Valley Railroad

With connections to the Norfolk & Western Railway

"On time and on track to the future"


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Construction Projects

2 X 6 City Module
Plexiglass Control Panels
The New River Mine
New Coal Mine on Branch
New Truck Dump at New River
New Conveyor at New River
Oak Hill Construction Photos

CV Construction Video

6 years in 34 minutes

Centralized Traffic Control

Updated 9/06/2015

CTC Panel

Digital Command Control

Decoder Installations
Rewiring the railroad

Railroad Operations

Updated 9/06/2015 - Statistics as of 08-08-2015
New Videos
Switching the 25,000th car
Switching the 30,000th car
New Operations Video
100th Op Session
First run of the E8 Repaint

Schematic of the CVRR

All Photos of the CVRR

Updated 08-05-2014

Recent Photos of the CVRR

Original E-Pass!


My Favorite End of Train Device

Updated 09/06/2015. Welcome to the Cashaway Valley Railroad Home Page!  I sincerely hope you enjoy your visit.

Lots of change on the CVRR in the past three years. We switched the 30,000th car on Aug 3, 2014. Video of that event is under the Rairoad Operations Link on the left. The Pier at Deepwater has been replaced with a car float and a new Diner has been added at Oak Hill, (links to photos are under Recent Photos link). On August 21st 2014, an E8 that was acquired in August 2013, has finally gotten out of the CV shop with its new paint and sound. A 4 minute video of it's first run is under the Railroad Operations link, along with the other videos of the CVRR. It started life as a C&O engine operating on the now, sadly, defunct West Virginia Western. Hopefully, it will have a long life on the CVRR. There is a new Control Panel at Deepwater. It is a touch sensitive panel, just touch the red dot on the track you want and the switches are all thrown. It's under the CTC section, electronics. To see what's new, just click on the Sections that have update dates in Red with an update date.

I started my first railroad in January 1980.  Since then, the purpose of the layout has undergone 4 metamorphoses.  From a 4 X 8 plywood central on which my 4 year old daughter and I built our first plaster mountains; then on to the first cut at a railroad with a purpose; to a railroad with a purpose and a beginning in automation and Centralized Traffic Control, and finally, to where I am at today.  A railroad with a real world purpose, haulin' coal, that is designed for operation.

The CVRR is an Operating Railroad.  That is, at least twice a month friends gather for the sole purpose of moving coal and other goods over the railroad.   It is a lot of fun, just think "very large board game".   If you have plans to be in the Houston, Texas area, send me an e-mail and we will run trains on the CVRR.

About this Web site

Its only purpose is to, hopefully, provide information that will be useful to others in the Model Railroading Hobby.  A lot of the pages are how to pages, with lessons learned as I have developed my hobby skills.  Very few of us are born with the ability to build a tree or a mountain, much less lay track, wire it up, develop a train schedule or an operating concept.  These are all, fortunately I think, acquired skills.  I hope you find something here worthwhile and if you have a comment or question click my e-mail address and send me a note.

Hope to see you on, or at least along,  the CVRR main.

Jim Thompson

Chief Operating Officer, Cashaway Valley Railroad


Click Here to HEAR the 611

Yes, that was the whistle from the 611, on its last run.
Thanks to Kipp Teague's Web Site;

Home of the Orginal E-Pass!

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My favotite Engine Ever! N&W Class J, #611 Roanoke Va. July 1997

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